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AAA Packaging Supplies is relied on by industry nationally as being the key provider of ‘Perfect Packaging Solutions’, developed through revolutionizing product innovation to reduce packaging costs and environmental impact. Our large range of Omni packaging machinery and consumables have been Engineered to Perfection giving us the ability to offer the ‘Perfect Packaging Solution’ for every warehouse requirement.

“The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution” is the combination of the Omni Pallet Wrapping Machines and Omni Stretch films which have been engineered together to have the capability of stretching film to over 400%. These developments have revolutionised the stretch film market, giving us the ability to guaranteed to reduce warehouse waste by over 50% and save over 20% in film expenditure . Omni Products is the most recognized brand of stretch wrap in the industry, renowned for providing quality solutions for every requirement while reducing environmental impact which has been a significant contributor to business success.

Innovation is what sets us apart. We utilise state of the art technology that revolutionises pallet wrapping, ensuring solutions can be tailored for each customer’s specific requirements. These key elements have enabled us become the most trusted and influential packaging specialist across Australia and New Zealand.