Why are Omni Products superior? Because they are Engineered to Perfection!

Developed and manufactured in local and overseas manufacturing plants, Omni Packaging Products is a world leading brand renowned for being Engineered Perfection as a result of decades of continual innovation.

We are the industry innovators, that's what sets us apart. For too long the market had been stagnant without an X-factor product and without any innovation to reduce environmental impact or warehouse expenditure. We have now addressed the markets needs by providing 'Perfect Packaging Solutions' for every industries requirements.

Omni Stretch Wrap + Omni Pallet Wrappers = The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution

This Perfect Solution has been engineered together to have the capability of stretching film to over 400%. These developments have revolutionised the stretch film market, giving us the ability to guaranteed to reduce warehouse waste by over 50% and save over 20% in film expenditure . Omni Products is the most recognized brand of stretch wrap in the industry, renowned for providing quality solutions for every requirement while reducing environmental impact which has been a significant contributor to business success. The Omni Pallet Wrapper range, manufactured by C-ONE, stands light years ahead of any other and includes an uncompromising grandeur of excellence brought together by the distinction of European engineering and state of the art technology and electronics.

The Omni Group is the sole distributor of Omni Products in the Australasia region, selling through its three specialised, AAA Packaging, Securapak and System Pak. These specialised divisions encompass the whole of the packaging industry, providing Perfect Packaging Solutions through its range of Omni Products.