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Securapak Solutions is relied on nationally as being the key supplier of ‘Omni High Performance Tapes’, providing the perfect solution to industries bonding needs and compliments a complete fulfilment of pressure sensitive adhesives through innovation. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we know and understand High Performance Tapes. Securapak Solutions is part of the Omni Group of Companies which brings decades of experience and knowledge to suit every industry’s bonding needs. This is why we are known as the industry innovators.

Through extensive research and innovation, we have engineered to perfection our comprehensive range of Omni Products that has revolutionised the packaging industry. Omni Products is the most recognized brand in the industry, renowned for providing quality solutions for every requirement while saving our clients’ money which has been a significant contributor to business success. Therefore we provide more than just High Performance Tapes, we can provide you with ‘Perfect Packaging Solutions’.