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System Pak is renowned nationally for be the key wholesale supplier of Omni Packaging Tools & Machinery. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry we have engineered to perfection a large range of Omni Products to suit every application, providing prefect packaging solutions for every clients requirement.

The Omni Pallet Wrapper range, manufactured by C-One in Italy, stands light years ahead of any other and includes an uncompromising grandeur of excellence brought together by the distinction of European engineering and state of the art technology and electronics. Customised Inline Pallet Wrapping Machines are our speciality, installed in manufacturing and distribution centres across the nation. “The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution” is the combination of the Omni Pallet Wrapping Machines and Omni Stretch films which have been engineered together to have the capability of stretching film to over 400%. These developments have revolutionised the stretch film market, giving us the ability to guaranteed to reduce warehouse waste by over 50% and save over 20% in film expenditure.

These key elements have enabled us become the most trusted and influential packaging specialist across Australia and New Zealand. System Pak is part of the Omni Group of Companies which brings decades of experience and knowledge to suit every industry’s packaging needs. This is why we are known as the industry innovators.